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Product Name AWS Chemical Composition Characteristics & Application
F111   Cr5 B1.5 Si3 Ni30 Fe Rem. Spraying of bearing and cutting parts etc.
F113   Cr10 B1.5 Si3 Ni Rem. Spray-fusing or spraying, such as roll, piston and axle of wear and corrosion resistance.
F313   Cr15 B1.5 Fe Rem. Spraying of dryer of papermaking and axle.
F314   Cr18 Ni9 B1.5 Fe Rem. Spraying of axle.
F412   Sn10 P0.3 Cu Rem. Spraying of axle and bearing.
F512   复合Al5Ni95 Backing spray of transition layer between base and working layer.