Welcome to Hebei Shenao Welding Material Co., Ltd.
    The predecessor of Hebei Shen'ao Nonferrous Welding Material Co., Ltd. is Shanghai Shen'ao Nonferrous Welding Material Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Shen'ao Nonferrous Welding Material Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Australian joint venture. The company has a long-term management team and technical backbone engaged in nonferrous welding materials, rich experience and solid foundation. It is a professional company that develops, produces and manages all kinds of characteristic and special welding materials.           
    The registered trademark of the product is "Landing on the Moon". The main products are welding rod, wire, solder, flux, alloy powder and other five categories, more than 100 kinds of products. Among them, welding electrodes include nickel-based cast iron electrode, copper and copper alloy electrode, cobalt-based surfacing electrode, nickel and nickel alloy electrode; brazing fillers include copper-zinc, copper-phosphorus and silver-based filler metals; fluxes include gas welding and brazing, silver, copper, aluminum and other flux; alloy powder includes spray welding and spraying, including nickel-based, cobalt-based, iron-based and other varieties. The products are manufactured in full accordance with American Standards (AWS).           
    At the same time, our company can organize R&D, trial production and supply in time according to the special needs of users.           
    Our products are advanced in production technology, with the first-class inert gas protected continuous casting production line in China, vertical, horizontal hot extrusion, continuous tie, continuous pull, polishing production equipment, ultrasonic cleaning and other production lines and complete testing equipment. The product quality is good, has won the domestic and foreign user high praise!           
   The company's goal: to pursue excellence, based on users, to become a first-class domestic enterprises, dedicated to serving new and old customers.