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Cast Iron and Nickel Alloy



Category Main products Opreration Specification Package
Welding rod S901,S911 TIG/GW φ1.6-6.0×1000 10kg/plastic shrinking bag
Welding wire   MIG φ0.8-1.6 12.5 kg/spool per carton
welding electrode Ni107,Ni207 MAW φ3.2,4.0,5.0×350 5kg/PVC box,
Electrode for cast rion Z308,Z408,Z508 MAW φ3.2,4.0,5.0×350 1kg/PVC box



GW-gas welding

MAW-manual arc welding

MIG- metal inert-gas arc welding

TIG-tungsten inert-gas arc welding

Please contact us if Special or OEM package is required.